Orao WiFi/RS232 and Orao Terminal emulator

Edited May 16 2023 Orao was a Yugoslav 8-bit computer developed by Miroslav Kocijan for PEL Varaždin in 1984. Orao was common in elementary schools, mostly in Croatia, through the late 80s. Since 2021, I’ve been learning more about this microcomputer and developing hardware and software for it. While most of the information here is available on my Orao github repo, this page contains all the relevant information related to

Ode to Twitter

This is a translation of the article I wrote for Kulturpunkt.hr about the demise of Twitter, my personal history and feelings about what’s going on after Elon’s takeover, and my hopes for building better online communities in a post-Twitter world. It’s a direct translation from Croatian, so there are some references to “domestic” Twitter etc., which refer to Croatian and post-Yugoslav online communities. The article was published on November 15th

Remembering my grandfather for 100 days

Following Elon Musk’s takover of Twitter, I decided to finally leave that platform. I’ll be writing about my history and complicated feelings about Twitter in the future, but for now I’m archiving some important posts and threads that mean a lot to me and which I want to preserve. I’m starting with the 100 days posting photos and memories of my grandfather, after he passed away from COVID in October